• Hammer +10 Proc
  • Sword +10 Cleave
  • Axe +10 Chop
  • Blade +15 Crit Chance
  • Spear +11 Crit Chance; faster attack rate
  • Dagger +7 Crit Chance; fastest attack rate


  • LifeRegen – Regens life slowly over time.(Every 5 seconds restores LifeRegen/10 health points).
  • LifeSteal – Steals life and heals you per hit.
  • DeathStrike – Chance to instant kill normal enemies.
  • Chop – Chance to take off 25% of total life in one hit.
  • Cleave – Chance to do "Double" attack Damage.
  • Proc – Chance to shoot a magic bolt on hit (Hit deals more damage).
  • Crit – Chance to do a Critical hit (Critical Damage*4 [CritDmg*3 on Ipod/Iphone version]).
  • Defend – Chance to block all enemy Damage on hit and stun them back doing some damage.
  • RunSpeed – The movement speed of your character.

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